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Changing Revenue Scenarios in Poker and Sports Betting

Poker and sports betting, two global means of some serious fun, have always been evaluated through the same prism. Though there is no contention whatsoever that these two industries cater primarily to the entertainment needs of enthusiasts, and involves some risk and skill, the similarities end there. They involve entirely different sets of activities. But still, these two are usually pitted against each other whenever we talk about their revenue, as though it is mutually exclusive.

Is their revenue mutually exclusive? We'll have a clear picture once we analyze the trend of their respective revenue. Sports betting has been in demand, maybe not in the modern form, ever since sports has evolved. Wherever it is legal, the revenue from sports betting has been growing. Though it is difficult to calculate its exact worldwide revenue due to inconsistencies and lack of sufficient figures, most of the sports betting services providers agree without hesitation that the revenue from sports betting operations has been steadily increasing. Rough estimates show that global sports betting revenue have grown more than a hundred percent from 2009 to 2016.

Poker too has got a somewhat similar story to tell. While it is true that the revenue from the people accessing poker from their desktops has declined, it is more than compensated by revenue from mobile devices. Also, wherever the footfalls in casinos have not increased much, it has not declined either, thus keeping the revenue flat in the absence of any growth. The top four poker providers paint a completely different picture, as they witnessed more than doubling of their respective revenue after the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

Source: Pxhere

After having a look at the long-term trend of revenue for both poker and sports betting, a few things are quite clear. First and the most important observation is that both the poker and sports betting industry is growing as a whole as well as individually. The other equally important finding is that the revenue from poker and sports betting industries are not mutually exclusive. In fact, their growth is complimentary as they together create worldwide excitement toward gaming, thereby raising the demand and stature of the gaming industry as a whole, leading to further growth.

There is one caveat here, though both industries are growing, there is a slight change in the revenue growth pattern. Of late, there is a trend that sports betting revenue growth are clearly outpacing poker revenue growth. But as far as the growth of both industries, there is no reason for worrying.

Like the bridge vs. poker battle, there cannot be a clear winner in this case of the battle for revenue between poker and sports betting. Both will witness periodic upswings and downswings depending on the preferences of the people, and hence it is not a big deal. What matters ultimately is the satisfaction the public gets out of these activities. Until people no longer find pleasure engaging in poker and sports betting, this industry will continue to flourish, even while they hold to their own.

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